Is there a way to turn off "group by conversation" by default in OWA Exchange 2010?

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As most are well aware, Exchange 2010 OWA has the " group by conversation" view turned on by default. While some users might find this view useful, we do not want it set this way automatically because it will be confusing to many users expecting the old normal means of email. I'd done some searching, and found that the ability to change the default behavior was supposed to be added in with SP1. I have SP1 installed, but can not find any way to change this behavior using web app mailbox policies. Did this ability get included with SP1, and if so how can I make use of it? If not, does anyone know of a way to change this default behavior through any means at all?

Gen Lin


I searched for this problem but cannot find a method to disable the " group by conversation" . I also wanted to use OWA policy to disable this feature, but there is no option to do this.