Roomlist only show available rooms during a 12 hour period?

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I have created a few resource mailboxes and roomlists in Exchange 2010 and they all work. But when I want to book a room using the roomlist it only shows available rooms during workinghours up to a maximum of 12 hours so if I set working hours to 04.00 to 23.00 it will only show rooms available during 04.00 - 16.00. Can I expand the 12 hour window or just show available rooms during all times?

I can book the rooms by inviting it as a resource so it's not set to only book during working hours.


Hi Crutanen,

Sorry for the delay.

Could you please confirm?

You are running Outlook 2010, when you create a meeting request, click the " Scheduling Assistant" , it is OK if you select a roomlist by " Show a room list" and the Rooms will be listed in the " Choose an available room" .

But the Suggested times is a maximum of 12 hours? Did you click to choose a room?

" if I set working hours to 04.00 to 23.00 "

Did you schedule the meeting from 04.00 to 23.00 or you set the Work hours in the File->Options->Calendar?

Please run the cmdlet Get-CalendarProcessing " room mailbox name" | fl and post the results here.

Frank Wang

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