Microsoft Exchange offline address book

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one of my users is getting sync messages on her mailbox; Outlook 2007, Exch 2007 sp1.

16:23:52 Microsoft Exchange offline address book

16:23:52 Not downloading Offline address book files. A server (URL) could not be located.

16:23:52 0X80004005


could be couple of things.

May be your DNS is not configured properly, try to configure the same user profile on a different computer. This will help to rectifiy whethere there is a problem at the desktop or the user profile. Does the OAB works fine for that user in OWA?

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Any update on your issue?

Please press CTRL and right-click the Outlook icon in the System tray, and input the E-mail Address and Password, clear Use Guessmart and Secure Guess mart Authentication, only leaving Use AutoDiscover, and then, click Test. What do you see in the result for OAB URL? Does it same with other users?

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Please perform the below steps to resolve the issue :

1. Reset the System Folders. Use this
2. Open EMC. Navigate to " Organization Configuration" -> " Mailbox"
3. Click " Offline Address Book" and delete the " Default Offline Address Book"
4. Recreate " Default Offline Address Book" (same name)
5. Navigate to " Server Configuration" -> " Mailbox"
6. Go to " Database Management" section. Under " First Storage Group" , right-click " Mailbox Database" go to " Properties"
7. Select " Client Settings" and browse for the new Offline address book.
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Rajitha Chimmani

If you dont wish to recreate the profile, you could also perform the below steps to have the OAB recreated.

1. Close outlook if it is running.

2. Navigate to the folder C:\Documents and Settings\<loginprofile>\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

3. Delete/Rename all files with extension *.oab

4. Start outlook which will download the address book again and create those oab files.
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