Automatic forwarding rule strips attachment

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I have a user that has a forwarding rule that strips attachments from the email. She can do a manual forward and the attachment stays. These email are going to distibution list and no one on the list will get the attachment. The message that is being forwarded is from E-Fax and the attachments are .tif.

Francine Otterson

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Can you provide us with the steps on how the rule is setup. This may help narrow it down. Also does it happen each and every time.

If the rule is setup correctly you may want to remove it and create it? Also make sure MS Office is updated.

Another separate suggestion - instead of forwarding the email to each person which takes up space and may cause redundancy I would consider having the email forwarded to a shared (providing you have the setup to do it) Outlook mailbox which everyone could be granted access or even have the attachment stripped (this may take 3rd party software) and saved to a location on your network file share location.

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Guruprasad Ra

What is the type of email account (POP3, IMAP or an Exchange)?

What email client does the recipient(s) use?

Provide more information to help you better.
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