Setting up an Auto-Reply rule on na Public Folder

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I am having problems setting up a auto reply rule on an email enabled Public Folder. I am the owner of the folder, but each time I try to activate the rule I get the message " Changes to the rule cannot be saved'. The rule is to send an auotreply (template) to all incoming emails. I am using the Folder Assistant button from a client machine which is running Outlook 2010. My Exchange Server is Version: 14.00.0702.000.


Re: Setting up an Auto-Reply rule on a Public Folder

In EMC got to the Public folder. On the rigth panel right click the folder an say " manage send as right" .

Than give the user who puts the answer in the rule (your user) the rigth to send as the folder. Mybe its also neccesary to make the folder viewable in Adressbook.

I didn't tried that with Exchange 2010 jet but it should work.

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Re: Setting up an Auto-Reply rule on a Public Folder

Yep, SEND AS rights are needed when using auto-replies. ( Auto-replies are a bad idea however - but that's another thread)