New Outlook 2003 Clients with Existing Exchange 2010 error's




Have an Exchange 2010 environment that is all Outlook 2007/2010. We are a development shop that now has a client that is outlook 2003 based. We created some machines with Outlook 2003 on them, and are having issues connecting to the Exchange 2010 server. At first we hit the encryption problem which was remedied (i believe) by turning on the encryption checkbox in the outlook client. Once we got past that, we now recieve the 'exchange server administrator has blocked the version of outlook' error. We have not enabled public folders on the 2010 environment (We did not think we would be supporting 2003 client). Is this an actual requirement for 2003 to work ?



Yes Public Folders are needet, its needet for free busy time as far as I know. You should crate a public folder database to use Outlook 2003 Clients.



Is there a specific procedure to enable public folders once Exchange 2010 has been installed without
support for them ?



I created a Public Folder database called 'Public Folders' via EMC.
I then went to tools and tried to create a 'Public Folder' folder using the Public Folder management
console. Tried calling it 'Public Folder', but received the following error...

Summary: 1 item(s). 0 succeeded, 1 failed.
Elapsed time: 00:00:00
Public Folder

No existing 'PublicFolder' matches the following Identity: '\'. Make sure that you specified the correct 'PublicFolder' Identity and that you have the necessary permissions to view 'PublicFolder'.

MapiExceptionInvalidParameter: Unable to open message store. (hr=0x80070057, ec=-2147024809)
Diagnostic context:
Lid: 1068 StoreEc: 0x80070057
Lid: 28345
Lid: 1706 StoreEc: 0x80070057
Lid: 24761
Lid: 20665 StoreEc: 0x80070057
Lid: 25785
Lid: 29881 StoreEc: 0x80070057

Exchange Management Shell command attempted:
New-PublicFolder -Name 'Public Folder' -Path '\' -Server 'EXCH01.server.local'

Elapsed Time: 00:00:00

Any thoughts ?



Is it necessary to create a root public folder when you have a public folder database freshly created? Anyway, should also open the Mailbox Database's properties and set hte Default Public Folder database.


Not sure on the first question. The presence of the Database, though, did solve my initial Outlook 2003 problem. Mailbox Database properties does show it as the default public folder database. Would now like to get rid of errors though. I noticed that clicking any folder (system, or public) within the public folder management console initially returns the following message.
No existing 'PublicFolder' matches the following Identity. " \NON_IPM_SUBTREE'. Make sure that you specified
the correct 'PublicFolder' Identity and that you have the necessary permissinos to view 'PublicFolder'

Using the domain admin account, so I'm not sure if it could be permission issue.