Trying to set up access to my Gmail account using IMAP

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I am trying to use Outlook 2010 to consolidate e-mail from my local POP server, Hotmail and Gmail. It works great for my local POP server and Hotmail, but I cannot get the POP settings that Google recommends to work successfully for Gmail. I thought that I would try their IMAP settings, but when I go to change the account or delete it and add a new account from scratch, the "Account Type" drop-down is set to POP3 and is grayed out so that I cannot select IMAP.

I realize that I will have to enable IMAP on the Gmail side to get this to work, but obviously if I cannot get Outlook to let me select IMAP as an option for "Account Type" is it s moot point!

Can I not mix POP3 and IMAP accounts for some reason? I searched the registry for a DisableIMAP switch which I have read about in Outlook 2007 discussions, but my Outlook 2010 does not seem to have such a setting.

I am pretty sure that I am overlooking something obvious, but neither I nor a few other people who know more about Outlook than I do have come up with an answer. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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You can't change account types once an account is added to the profile - you need to delete the old account type and recreate the account, using the correct type. Note, you can't use autodiscover if you want gmail pop accounts. You need to create the account manually. Autodiscover wil create imap accounts with gmail.

The DisableIMAP key disables the ability to create an imap account, it does not disable imap pst files - and no, you can't mix pop and imap in one folder, unless that folder is the imap folder. If you deliver pop3 to the imap folder, the pop3 mail will be uploaded to your imap server mailbox. IMAP is a server-based account and you are only syncing copies of the mail to outlook.



Thank you for your reply. I did what you suggested and was able to get Gmail set up with IMAP as the Account Type. Unfortunately I am still having problems. It sends correctly but gives me an error trying to receive "Cannot connect to server." I have a similar problem in receiving mail from Hotmail (I downloaded OLC14). I have disabled the firewall and checked that I can telnet to both Gmail and Hotmail from my PC, and everything looks good. My local POP3 mail works just fine.

Do you know of anything that is a common problem in connecting from Outlook 2010 to Hotmail and Gmail that could be causing my problems?



Deepa Raj

Try the steps below to resolve the issue:

1. Check under control panel-> programs and features and Remove Outlook Connector 12.1/ 14/14.1 and reinstall the Outlook connector 14.1.

2. Remove and re-add the Hotmail account(s) through Outlook connector.

3. If the issue still persists then delete the OST files from the following location and then remove and re-add the Hotmail account.

Click on start > All programs > Accessories > Run > copy and paste the following text in Open field and then press Enter: %userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

Delete the .ost file(s) associated with the problem Hotmail account from the current folder location.

Refer the link to download and install outlook connector 14.1:-

For 32- bit:

For 64 -bit:

Also check if the IMAP option is checked in the Gmail server settings Tab.
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