Installation of Exchange 2010 on a SBS2008SP1 Server.

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Can I install PowerShell v2.0 on a SBS2008 SP1 to upgrade the Exchange to 2010?

It appears that Exchange 2010 is a much better thean 2008. This is a brand new installation and the Exchange 2007 is not opertional at this time.

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I don't know if this can be done, but SBS is a well composed / integradted set of software working together. So it will definitly not be supported.

If you would like exchange 2010 in a SBS environment you will have to go to SBS2011 which has been rtm'ed last week.

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Steve Goodman

I would agree it's not an ideal solution. I am not a licensing expert, but I don't believe your CALs will be valid, let alone the fact Exchange 2010 is licensed seperately.

There's also no option to do an in-place upgrade of Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010; and simply upgrading Powershell won't do that. If you are upgrading Powershell to version 2.0, make sure Exchange 2007 is on the latest patches.


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