Getting default beep when permanently deleting email even though sound is turned off

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I have Outlook 2007; Windows XP

This just started today when I was cleaning out my email. I get the default beep/sound when it asks me if I want to permanently delete something. All my sounds/speakers are turned off. It appears to be coming from the tower itself.

Nothing has been added or changed recently. I've had this computer for at least a year.

Any ideas on how to get it to stop would be greatly appreciated!

Diane Poremsky

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if its coming from the tower (if the speakers are off or the volume is turned as low as it goes), then its from the motherboard speakers. That usually only beeps for failures. I didn't think outlook would use that speaker. It might be the windows default beep (it shouldn't use the mobo speaker either).

Do you have the option enabled to warn before delting? Look in Tools, Options, Other tab, advanced & disable it. That uses the default beep.

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