How to capture incoming email subject to use in an auto reply

Were using Outlook 2003.

I am not trying to be a major VBA developer here. I am simply looking for a way to capture a specific emails subject line to use in an autoreply.

Here is the scenario. Emails are being forwarded to my assistants box. When an email arrives at my assistants inbox from a specific sender I want the Rules to automatically send a response back to that sender that we have received their email. I would like to have the subject line of the received email in the rules auto response.

The email is staying in the assistants inbox for them to manually decide what action needs to be done next.

Using the rules, I am able to get it to send back an autoreply or response but I would like to be able to add the specific subject of the incoming email. If we can add the date and time that would be great as well but not a specific requirement.

It seems like Outlook would have an easy way to do this built into the rules without having to learn vba programming.

Thanks for your asssitance and I apploogize if this is in the wrong forum category.

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