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Hi there,

I archived my inbox from outlook as a .pst file. This was done from my previous installation before I did a reinstall of Windows. I now have a new install of windows and a new install of Microsoft Outlook. I am trying to import my old inbox in the .pst file into my current outlook. I'm having trouble doing this.

Please help.

Windows 7 64-bit (previously 32-bit before reinstall)

Office 2007



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Outlook 2013 32 bit
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Hmm... wonder how we all missed this post. Sorry.

Anyway - did you get it imported? What was the trouble? We don't recommend importing pst files. It's better to open the pst in the profile and set it as the data file. - if its an old ANSI format pst, open it and move what you need to the new pst.

Also, unless your pst is damaged too much for scanpst, you won't need a 3rd party tool to fix it (like the one the spammer is pumping.)
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