"Reply to" Address Deleted in Outlook 2007

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Dear All,

I have one IMAP account setup in Outlook 2007. I prefer to use a different "reply to" e-mail so when recipients reply their response goes to an address that my all colleagues and myself may access.

The problem is, every time I close Outlook 2007, whatever I had entered in the Accounts -> Change Account -> More Settings -> General tab -> "Reply E-mail" field is cleared.

So the next time I open Outlook, I can either send e-mails with no "reply to" address (where recipient's response are directed to my e-mail address specifically), or go back and reenter the value again.

Anyone know what causes this problem, and how to resolve it?

Diane Poremsky

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When you close outlook, look in the Tasks manager - is outlook.exe left running (give it about 2 min to shut down). Many settings are not saved until outlook is closed and sometimes addins will keep it running after you close it.

Try making the change from Control panel, Mail with Outlook closed.
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