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The company that I am working for is asking us to track certain activities in Siebel. We have not invested in the Seibel tools that allow communication between outlook and Seibel at this point.

I am hoping that I can have my people log activities in outlook and then report on them through outlook. For example they are responsible to showing product a, b and c. If when they are setting the appointments they could simple note what product they are showing and then pull that information out and total up how many times they showed the products over the previous 6 months that would likely suffice.

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Yes, i think it will work. Decide if you want the users to use the subject line or notes field or custom fields for the data you need to track (subject line or custom fields should work good) then use this method to get the data in Excel or another program that accepts paste and process it: The no-export way to use Outlook data in Excel

If you use the subject line, everyone would need to use the same comma delimited format for the subject - ie, Bill Smith, A, whatever, whatever, whatever -so you can use text to columns to split the fields. If everyone is good about it, that will work but if not, use a custom form with each field you need defined.

You can paste the data into any program that accepts paste (use paste special in word) - I've even pasted into SQL and Access tables - just makes sure the order of the fields is eactly as you need in the other application.
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