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Time to time it can happen that you want javascript table to make your html table more attractive and more interactive. Let's suppose you want to allow your visitors to silverlight datagrid and show some special rows in your table. Of course you are here because you want to do it without reloading datagrid. It is possible with javascript to hide table rows and show it again later if you want. First of all lets create a basic and simple html 3x3 ajax grid where the first row contains the column captions. With the following html code: My solution uses JavaScript, as CSS3 isn't truly a viable option yet. Browsers today still struggle to support CSS1 and CSS2. Even though HTML tables aren't recommended for Web page javascript grid, they are still perfectly suited to the presentation of tabular data. In this tutorial, I'll present three examples based on the same idea. I have tested edit gridview the solutions in IE6, Firefox 1.0, Mozilla 1.7.3 and Opera 7.54 on the Windows platform only.

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