Removing multiple Exchange 2007 servers on the same Domain and site

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I acquired an AD network from a not so good Sys Admin. What I have is 6 servers.</SPAN
3 servers 2003 Domain Controllers 2 of which has Exchange 2007 installed</SPAN
1 Member 2003 server with Exchange 2007 installed. This is the Backup server running BE 11.4</SPAN
2 Member 2008 servers, 1 is a terminal server the other is an application server.

I want to remove 2 of the 3 exchange roles leaving one server as the exchange server. As far as I can tell the one I plan to leave is the “primary” exchange server. I do not know if it was the “first installed” server. One of the DC servers will be decommissioned and removed from the network.</SPAN
Could I get some direction on where to find proper documentation, sites, or forums that I can use as a guide in this project?</SPAN
Thank you,</SPAN
David </SPAN>


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I'll see if I can find a good how-to article but basically, you need to move all mailboxes and roles to the server you are keeping. You also need to end public folder replicas to the servers you want to remove. Then you need to remove them from the network. As long as the DC is not the master, you need to run dcpromo to remove its roles.

While not necessarily how to articles, these articles from microsoft should be useful to you:
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