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Donny Counts

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I am building a multistep rule, but need the following as part of it: "where people or distribution list is in the Cc box".

Here is the full rule I am attempting:

Where my name is in the To box

and from (person A)

where (person B) is in the Cc box

display (message) in the New Item Alert window

and move it to the (xyz) folder

except if the subject contains (a specific text string)

Basically, I get a ton of emails, but want to know via alert window (and place in a separate folder) when our CFO is sending me a message directly, (except when related to a specific issue), but with our CEO copied.

It's the last part I can't figure out how to do. It does'nt look like a direct option to do that rule, but is there another way to get the same result?

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!




Diane Poremsky

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Did you try the rule where sent to people or dl? That should look in both to and cc fields. While that will allow *all* mail sent from the CFO and to you and the CEO (not just mail limted to the Cc field) to be picked up by this rule, its as close are you'll get.
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