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I am new to forums and not sure if this is the right place to post this as it might be similar to:


Anyhow, here is my issue that is a bit similar. New Office 2010 professional (32bit) install on my Win7 Professional (64bit) OS and now trying to configure Outlook 2010 (32bit) with 3 external IMAP email accounts ( 1 biz acct with GoDaddy Webmail and the other 2 are Gmail accounts.

My first run of Outlook I did NOT setup an email account but followed the steps to just start Outlook and use the calendar features.

I kept getting a popup screen on my desktop asking for what profile to use and in the box it ounly showed Outlook. Which is correct I guess (by default) since I had not setup any other profiles.

2) Is there anyway to have my primary Accellus GoDaddy or Gmail IMAP email account show up at the top of the Outlook UI accounts pane and associated to the calendar?

I have attached to this post 2 images that point out some of my immediate questions to help me move forward properly. Also is there a good primer/book that deals with these type of "under the hood " type of questions.

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Are you using google calendar sync? That will cause the profile popup.

No, you can't deliver imap to the default pst the calendar uses - you would need to change the account type to POP3. IMAP is a server-based account and outlook syncs with the server so each imap account needs their own profile. IMAP doesn't support the other outlook item types so you need the separate pst file for those items.

My suggestion is to drag the mail folders you use the most up to the Favorites section and don't use the folder list section on the bottom, except to access less-used folders.

See for the cause of red x's in place of pictures (assuming you have already right clicked to download).
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