RE: Unable to send email from 2nd (new) Exchange 2007 server

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The problem ended up to be a firewall restriction between the two mail
servers. As mentioned, they reside on two different subnets, and SMTP packet
inspection was enabled. Once disabled, we were able to send email using the
standard Send connectors.

Thanks to all for your help.

"Derek" wrote:

> We've recently installed a 2nd Ex2007 server in our network, MailSrv2, and
> I've moved a test account onto that server. This account receives email just
> fine, but cannot send emails. I see that sent msgs are stuck in the Outbound
> queue with the following error:
> "451 5.7.3 Cannot achieve Exchange Server authentication..."
> I've tried creating a "MailSrv1 - MailSrv2" Send Connector with these
> properties:
> â–¡ Address Space: SMTP - *
> â–¡ Network: route through
> â–¡ Source Svr: MailSrv2
> but it didn't seem to help.
> Some on the web suggested manually creating the routing group connectors,
> but I'm not familiar w/ this process and they were talking about a
> Ex2003-Ex2007 environment. Should this be something I should do in my
> situation? Any potential pitfalls I should look out for?
> Much appreciated.


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