Appointment recurrence reset to 'end after 25 occurrences'


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Outlook 2003.

I have found this happen a few times. I have a reminder that is set to 'No end date'. After some while I no longer get reminders and forget something important for a few weeks on the trot. Then I notice that Outlook has mysteriously changed 'No end date' to 'end after 25 occurrences'. I open the series (by clicking the last visible reminder) and correct the error, save it and see my reminder appear every week way into the future.

Then, even as I watch, after a few tens of seconds the extra reminders are deleted and I find 'no end date' reset to 'end after 25 occurrences'. I can to some extent get round it by changing the start date to something more recent, but it doesn't solve the underlying problem and I just get caught out again in the future. This does not only affect weekly reminders: some with longer intervals are also reset to 25 occurrences and some yearly ones (e.g. birthdays appear with an end date set, e.g. in 2037).

I really can't go on like this. I would drop Outlook altogether but it is rather tied up with the corporate calendar (Oracle Beehive). How can I get control of my life back?

Diane Poremsky

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Are these appointments on the beehive calendar? I'm guessing that is what is changing it, not Outlook. (Outlook can't do it without help from an addin or VBA.)

Note that we do recommend using end dates - I like to go a yr out and re-do them at the end of the year. Try setting a date longer than 25 occurrences and see if it gets changed to 25. If not, pick a date in the future and if not, copy the event and change the start date to pick up where the last one left off.