Security-enabled Distro Group Members Can't Access Associated Group Mailbox

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We established mailboxes through AD for what we call ‘organizational accounts.’ We created security-enabled distribution groups – one for each org account. We assigned a person as ‘owner’ for each of the groups. We gave that person ‘Group Creator’ role in mailbox management so they could add members to their respective group(s). We also sent them instructions on how to access their org account(s), based on Microsoft’s Help files for this activity. What we are seeing is that, in many cases, other individuals added to the security-enabled distribution group for account access can NOT access the account, while other members in the same group can. Those that can't get the error noted below. In some cases, NO ONE in the access membership can open the account, also getting the error noted below.

"Cannot display the folder. Microsoft Outlook cannot access the specified folder location. The operation failed. An object cannot be found."

There seems to be no rhyme or reason why some can and some can’t access the accounts. Everyone is configured the same in AD, and they all have the same rights – unless I’m missing something – in the distribution group.

Diane Poremsky

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Re: Security-enabled Distro Group Members Can't Access Associated Group Mailbo

I'm assuming this is happening more than 24 hours after adding the names? It can take some time for the permissions to propagate, usually under 2 hours but occasionally longer. They should be propagated within 24 though.

Can they log in using OWA?

Is this their only mailbox, a secondary mailbox or a second exchange account in their profile? Outlook can get funky if there are a lot of folders in a profile (like 500+), which could explain why it works for some people and not others - as long as its not their only mailbox.
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