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Hi, the way my website store is set up when a customer places an order I am suppose to get an email notification of the sale, which I am not. I believe the issue is because my outgoing email account on the website is the same as the email address setup for notifications. The tech support team for the webstore told me I could "whitelist" my address. I figured out how to add my address to the safe list in outlook, but I still am not receiving email notifications when I get a sale. Also I use to get payment notifications from both amazon and paypal when I would get a sale (which is how I knew I had a sale), but I am no longer getting those which is very strange. Easiest would be for me to send the notifications to another email address, but that would be a pain since then I would have to be constantly checking that. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Diane Poremsky

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First thing you need to verify is that the website is properly configured to send mail. If so, you need to find out whether the sending account is blocked by your mail server because of the domain or email address.

I would send them to a gmail account for now so you can get the notifications. You can either configure gmail to forward to your main account, possibly configure your currrent account to 'pop' the gmail account. You could also configure Outlook to get the gmail account.

Who is your email provider?