Unable to move the tasks pane in the To-do bar in Outlook 2007


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Hi there,

For some reason, I am currently unable to move the tasks pane in the "to-do" bar in Outlook 2007.

Also, when I click on the the To-Do bar top menu and choose options, the To-Do Bar Options window pops up but the "Show Date Navigator" and "Show Appointments" are greyed out. The "Show Task List" is able to be checked/unchecked.

The Task list does display, but I cannot for some reason move it to take up more space on the screen.

Any help would be gratefully received,



Diane Poremsky

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It's possible the admin has a policy in place - that would account for the date navigator and appointments grayed out. The task list is not adjustable - it uses the space available after the number of appointments and calendars are displayed. The only way to change it is by marking the outlook window taller or showing fewer calendars or appointments.