Pushing all "memorized" email address into contacts?


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I've noticed that Outlook manages to "memorize" email addresses and first/last names of people that I have contacted, even if they are outside of my organization. I have two questions:

1. How can I create a contact for each memorized name? Even if all the contact starts with is first, last and email address, at least it's a starting point and I'll add in phone numbers, etc later. My main reason for wanting this is so that all those same email addresses are accessible on my mobile devices synced to Exchange. Should I post this in the VBA forum? I've modified enough recorded Excel VBA to write from scratch now but have never had a starting point with Outlook.

2. When I begin typing an email address Outlook will auto-fill the to/cc boxes. Although it seems to "know" the first/last names of these "memorized" contacts, it only "fills" the to/cc box if I am using characters from the actual email address. For instance, if I have a "memorized" email address for "John Doe" and his email address is jd33@evilcorporation.com, Outlook is only "filling" his email address if I type "jd" not "john." Is there a way to configure such that both "jd" and "john" will do it?

Diane Poremsky

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You'll need to use a 3rd party utility to get the email addresses out of the autocomplete cache. See Outlook's Auto-Complete or Nickname Cache (*.NK2) for a list of tools.

No, you can't change how it works. However, in your example, it should work for John. If the name is Doe, John then it would not work.

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