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I need some help, I send 300+ emailed invoices a month, I am hoping someone here has come up with an automated proccess.

Here's my current proccess:

Print the invoice from my system to a .pdf file, email from the .pdf when it gets to outlook I select a

From: (I am sending on behalf of our accounting dept email address)

To: add the customers email address

BCC: our accounting email address

Subject: "New Invoice from MyCompany for Customer" in the subject line,

then add a signature that goes with the From:.

It took me a day and a half this month :(.. Any ideas?:D

Diane Poremsky

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Are you creating the invoice too? Do you have a contact for the customer? I use a macro in outlook that grabs the address from a contact and creates a new message. (It also creates the invoice, which i complete then it saves it to sharepoint as a docx and to my hard drive as a pdf, which i send to the customer.)

Create a Letter to a Contact using VBA - Slipstick Systems

You have two basics options:

A macro that fills in all of the fields or custom template with the standard fields completed and you add the address and attachment, or a combination of the two.
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