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I am using Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 on my Laptop (Qosmio X505). I like using Outlook to view all my e-Mail accounts. I already have other e-Mail accounts from hotmail & gMail that sync to my Outlook so that I do not have to view them from their domain site. My job now uses Office 365 for e-Mail. I would like to have this account also to sync with my Outlook so that I can see those e-Mails while I am checking other accounts.
The instructions say to “set up your desktop for Office 365”.

1. Will this affect, in anyway, the other accounts?

2. Will this affect the way the other accounts are viewed by others?

3. Also, I just posted this on the Outlook forums. What is the difference with Slipstick's New Outlook Forums?

Many thanks

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Diane Poremsky

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No, it won't affect the other accounts.

There is no difference in the forums. The "old" forums are read only - although i should remove "new" as the new forums are 2 years old now and the only old forums are the programming forums. I deleted or merged the other old forums with the new forum.
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