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Hello guys,

I would need little help with some auto forwarding.

I basically have a certain email that has to be forwarded to a specific group, based on the header.

Can i, using a script, remove the information of the original sender (name, email name, date etc), forward it to myself, BCC the specific group and modify the name of the email? Adding some extra text before my signature and the original message is not a must, but could help.

All of these have to be met, otherwise the email would be useless. Currently I do it manually and it's not a huge waste of time but I was hoping for a little extra time.

I know that can't do it from rules, so a script might be my last hope.

Please be gentle and offer some info on how to use/import the script, i'm not a programmer really and my VA knowledge ends after pressing ALT+F11 :D

Thanks in advance,

PS: I'm using outlook '10


Diane Poremsky

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Should be able to do it using a Run a Script rule. Start with the last macro at Run a Script Rule: Send a new message when a message arrives - Slipstick Systems

BCC is objMsg.BCC= "alias@domain.com"

If you use names instead of addresses (or in addition to), you should use Resolve the addresses before sending:

Dim objOutlookRecip As Outlook.Recipient

For Each objOutlookRecip In objMsg.Recipients



To tweak the body, you can do something like

objMsg.Body = Item.Body & vbcrlf & "Whatever I want to say" & objMsg.Body

This copies the incoming message body to the new message, adds a line feed, your note, then the original new message body (for your signature). Changing the order is as simple as changing the order of the objects in that line.
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