Need help understanding which pst-file to use!


Outlook version
Outlook 2010 32 bit
Email Account

My Windows PC has two internal hard drives. One C-drive and one D-drive where I have all my documents.

I have just made a fresh install of Windows 7 and MS Office with Outlook 2010 on a new, formatted C-drive.

I configured Outlook as an IMAP client to Gmail. On my D-drive I have redirected all My Documents, My Music, etc.

This D-drive contains a lot of my previous files, including some old pst-files. This drive was not formatted.

When I opened the File menu in Outlook, under Info, I saw that I had one pst-file residing in C:\Users\....\Microsoft\Outlook, etc. This pst-file had the same name as my Gmail account. BUT there was also a SECOND data-file which was designated as the "Default file", and this was located on my D-drive!!!

The "Gmail-pst file" was much bigger than the smaller pst-file on the D-drive (4GB vs. 22 MB), but both were in use???

So I thought that this must be some mistake. I therefor quit Outlook and moved the "old" pst-file on the D-drive to a new location.

When I opened Outlook again, it said that it could not find the "D-drive pst-file", so I pointed Outlook to the "gmail pst-file" on the C-drive...

When I opened Outlook again, I realized that I had done a mistake... I now seemed to have TWO identical pst-files opened in Outlook, both having my Gmail account as their file name...

So I really need some help here, both to get it back to where I left off, and to understand what is where, in which file, etc!!!

It seems to me that my Contacts and Calander date resides in another pst-file, and NOT in the Gmail pst-file? Or?