Amend external calendar entries to include internal resources


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I have a user who constantly deals with calendar entries on behalf of her team. She and her team get invites for meetings from an external customer that include a subject, agenda and time however she needs to then book a room internally for the meeting to take place. The problem then arises as her team have already accepted a meeting invite for a specific time from the external customer so when she then creates a new meeting for the exact same time (which is just to host the external invitation) her team reject the invite as there calendar is already busy for this time which results in none of the attendees knowing where the meeting is to be held. Is there a way she can amend the original external invite to include a resource from our company so the attendees in my company then have a meeting location in our office where they can video link with the external company?

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Diane Poremsky

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What if she forwards the meeting to the resource? The outside party will get the meeting acceptance by the resource and it won't update the user's calendars, just reserve the resource. If they always use the same resource room for meetings this shouldn't be a problem. They could also check the resource calendars to see which room is booked, but depending on the configuration, may not know if its booked for their meeting.

Other option is to have the users change their configuration so meetings are not rejected automatically if there is a conflict - the team leader can book the room, invite the members and use subject tag like "Room assignment for " with the meeting subject. I have a macro that could be tweaked to copy the meeting to a new meeting and invite internal members. Copy meeting details to an Outlook appointment - Slipstick Systems