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I want to use one of the standard stationery built into Outlook 2010. Notepad is the one I'd like to use.

If I have a single signature saved as default (eg. Julia informal), the stationery works fine and the signature appears in the correct position and I can use it fine.

However, if I have quite a few (for different types of email), I need to use the Insert signature command in the toolbar .... but it places the revised signature right in the left hand margin where it's impossible to see it !

Message text appears in the correct position, it is only the inserted signature which is being misaligned by Outlook.

It seems there is a "bug" in the insert signature command which makes it ignore the email margins (even the default ones!) when placing the text.

I have struggled to try and find a solution or workaround (even using Google) to no avail ... so I now need to ask someone who knows Outlook better than I for help.

The only workaround I could find is to save each signature as a QuickPart - but it's far too onerous to be feasible because of the need to individually name them in some way, and the fact that a sample shows with each one making it impossible to see them as a quick list (like signature names).

I do hope one of the MS Outlook expert here in this forum can help me soon.


Julia Evans
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