Receipients are receiving a blank email when I send a form


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Hi all

I created a custom message from in Outlook 2010 with the Developer in Design mode on the message page, so they receive a form ready to be filled in, rather than an attachment they have to open. When i created the form I ticked the box to Open Form in Properties and made sure the form name was correctly placed in the Actions, in the Options I have ticked on the Allow Script in the Email Security. The form has text, date, combo boxes, and formulas and all run perfect when I click RunThis Form. I have Published it to the Personal Forms Library, as I am still testing it. I have also tried saving it as an Outlook Template.

I select the Form from Chose Form from New Items and find my form exactly as I created and saved it. I fill in the details, it looks great, I then send it but when the receipent opens the email, the whole message area is blank. Sometime it goes through with an attachment called winmail.dat but when the person tries to open it, it gives a warning that you need to find a program on the web to open it.

Has anyone had this problem or knows of any way I can just get my simple form to show on the email and allow it to be filled in and sent back.

Thank you.


Diane Poremsky

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winmail.dat is TNEF data - typical when the message is using RTF format.

Scripts won't work on the recipients side due to security - it needs to be published there. Sending the forms definition is also an option, but with the script in it, it needs to be published.