Sync Outlook 2003 calendar to iPhone 4


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I'm starting a new thread even though we touched on some of these points in my other iPhone 5 thread. This is on iPhone 4. I had installed the new version of iTunes (on my wife's Vista). Based on our other discussion I decided to see if it would sync Contacts and Calendar. Turns out my wife had not yet tried the sync. So she initiated it, and it gave a warning saying it was going to change more than 20% of what was on Outlook. She took that to mean it was going to be adding a lot of appointments to it, which made sense to her since she had added dozens of appointments on the phone. But it turns out it meant it was going to delete a whole lot of appointments in Outlook that were not on her phone. I was able to fix this by using a backup of her pst file. But my question is, how do I keep this from happening next time she syncs it? Seems like if it is not changing more than 20% of the Outlook calendar, it may not even give the warning. I assume there may be some settings in iTunes for this, but I can't access them until I connect the phone to the computer, and at that point the sync is already starting automatically, and may be running amok. Thanks