Forwarding Outlook 2003 calendar items

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We maintain an Outlook account (mailbox) for our mailroom staff. We set a rule to forward anything (messages and calendar items) to the mailroom managers and the HR managers as a backup. however, we are seeing weird results when calendar appointments are forwarded. The people invitations are forwarded to get two invitations - one that has the mailroom as the invitee and the second one has just the people the invitation is forwarded to.

Is there any way to have it work with one invitation and where the folks who the items are forwarded to get included in the invitation?

I know forwarding with calendar items is a sticky wicket.

any guidance would be appreciated. Outlook 2003/ Exchange 2003.


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No, if I understand it correctly, its not possible to have one invite. But... I would check the forwarding rules and how the mailbox is configured and make sure that isn't causing the duplication. They should only get the forwarded one, unless they are also set up as delegates.
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