Outlook 2007 - trouble with alphabetizing when titles are used (ie - Mr.)

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This question is regarding Outlook 2007 used at work. I deal with a large group of businesses and rather than trying to remember who works where, I save the email addresses formatted with the company name incorporated. I also am mainly interested in the email addresses, so I only use a few of the fields when creating a new contact. Here is what I normally enter

Full name: ABC Company - John Smith

File as: ABC Company - John Smith

Email: john.smith@abccompany.com

Display as: ABC Company - John Smith

My problem is that I have a few businesses that have Mr. as part of the business name. Outlook drops the Mr. in my entry and sorts without it. So a company I have entered as Mr. Twisters Bait Shop would sort to the T's. Very annoying! I know I am probably not using the address book as it is intended, but it works for my needs - except for the problem above. Any suggestions?
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