Can't print from Outlook on wifi network

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I have a problem printing from Outlook 2010 on a Dell laptop (win7) over a Wi-Fi network. The HP J5750 printer is USB to a tower PC (Win7) and I can print just fine from the tower or laptop if it’s a Word or Excel doc and the tower prints from Outlook. However, Outlook won’t print from the laptop. The selected printer shows “ready” and the printer twitches a couple time like it’s winding up for the pitch, then nothing. There is nothing in the print queue.

I have removed the print devices on the tower and recreated them multiple times, same on laptop to no avail. I have not reinstalled the HP driver since everything works fine on the tower. I do have the correct Win7 64bit driver. The laptop, however is 32bit, but don’t think that matters. I recently upgraded laptop RAM to 4G but of course can only see 3G which is fine for now.

There is one quirky thing I should explain: I actually have two identical J5750’s (neighbor gave me a “broken” one that only needed new ink and works fine). See attached jpg for names of these printers. The one with “copy 1” in the name I actually named “under desk” when I created it, and the “under desk” version of name does show up when I select this printer on laptop (via Wi-Fi). However, as you see in jpg, the “under desk” name is not there. However, if I right click on icon and go to Printer Properties, I see TWO entries showing both versions of the name. Why are there two entries? If I delete all printers and recreate them enough times, soon or later, I will get the naming the way I want. However, in spite of this naming quirk, I can still select either printer from laptop (or tower) and print fine from any app OTHER THAN Outlook. Remember, Outlook does print ok on the tower.

Any suggestions?
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