contact names does not display in compose emails using Outlook2013

Rajesh Lodha

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Outlook 2013 64 bit
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Exchange Server
Dear Forum,

I am using Exchange 2007 hosted email account on Appriver and just started accessing emails using Windows 8/Outlook2013. Earlier I was using Mountain lion OS Mac mail client to access hosted email account. There was no issue with same account being used on Outlook 2007. The contact resolution by name while composing emails in To: windows was just fine.many contacts on server were created using Mac mail client, while some were created using Outlook 2007.

But after switch over to Outlook 2013, those contacts made from Mac mail client do not show up while composing new mails,i.e. name resolution in Outlook 2013 for just those contacts does not work. All other new contacts created from Outlook 2007 or outlook 2013 name resolves properly.

When we check contact details in peoples it shows First name,Last name etc just fine, but same does not resolve by name in outlook 2013.We have come to know of bugs in OL2013 peoples section-but does this issue really relates to those bugs.

Any way kindly help us resolve the issue.


Rajesh Lodha

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Diane Poremsky

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so far, no, but i haven't had a lot of time for testing - had a house full of kids for a long weekend.