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Short question:

How do I prevent invitations/reminders from setting calendar alerts even if I ignore or delete the request?

Solutions which are inadequate include

-turning off all reminders, but then accepted events wont have them

-using a rule to prevent a specific sender from creating a calendar alert, but then i would need too many rules, and the first time that someone sends an invitation/reminder it would get through

-declining every invitation/reminder (which is what I am doing now), but this is REALLY time consuming and tedious

I want to be able to control my calendar reminders, but I just do not see how to do this. In my world, a reminder would NOT be set unless I actually accept the invitation. What were the developers thinking when they created this nightmare?

People from within my workplace, as well as spammers, are sending these stupid things. Merely deleting the email leaves the remnant on the calendar, and a reminder pops up.

So I ask: Is there a solution to this insanity?

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Diane Poremsky

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Tentative appts are left behind if you delete meeting requests - you need to decline the requests to remove the tentative appt. The reminders are set based on your own settings - there is not a setting for 'no reminders until accepted' unfortunately.

You can use VBA to remove the reminders on meeting requests and add reminders to meetings marked as Busy.

See Meeting request spam - Slipstick Systems for code.
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