Outlook 2010 stalls on waking from sleep

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I've just recently started putting my PC to sleep at night vs a full shutdown. I find that on waking, it comes up fine and Outlook displays whatever window(s) I'd expect, but the first time I click anything in Outlook like the last email read, or open an existing received email, compose an email, send an email....anything at all, Outlook goes non-responsive for about 1 min while the disc thrashes violently. And this is AFTER it downloads all incoming email which is usually in the double digits. Once it snaps out of this funk, it's business as usual and it works fine.

This will happen even after the PC has sat for 10-15 min after waking up, so it's presumably fully awake and all windows and previously open apps are stable.

Outlook 2010 and Win7 HP, ample room on C drive for swap file. I run Ccleaner near daily along with auto-scheduled Malwarebytes and other AV s/w.

What's going on?
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