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I have a question regarding Rules and Alerts, and the "Apply changes to this folder" pulldown menu. I used to have 3 email accounts:

Personal (IMAP)

Support (IMAP)

Orders (IMAP)

I was seeing some issues with the Personal account when moving items with attachments out of the inbox to other folders (manually or via rules). The email would change format or something to cause the attachment to disappear. In any event, I decided to change the Personal account from IMAP to POP3 to see if this alleviated the issue. I did this by creating a new POP3 account, copying the emails from the IMAP to the POP3 account, then removing the IMAP account. Here is my current setup:

Personal (POP3, Default)

Support (IMAP)

Orders (IMAP)

When I go to set up rules in the new POP3 account, the pulldown menu next to "Apply changes to this folder" shows only 2 choices:

Personal, Support


I don't want the rules to apply to both the Personal and Support accounts, since the Support account is shared by multiple users and the folder structure is different from my Personal account. When all 3 accounts were setup as IMAP, the rules were separate for each.

Any help would be appreciated.



**UPDATE** Solved this 30 seconds after posting. I had changed my default email to Personal, but not the default data file (which was set to Support). Apparently this caused the rule to apply to both accounts. Once I changed the default data file to the support .PST, the rules are separate for all 3 accounts.

Diane Poremsky

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The rules for the default account apply to it, to all pop accounts, and to the default data file. So yes, changing the default account and not the data file would cause problems. Glad to know you fixed it on your own. Thanks for the update.