How do I recover emails removed by Outlook because of IMAP?

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I have my email set up as an IMAP account with 15gb of mail on Outlook. I recently changed hosting providers and domain name registrar (3 days ago) and now my Outlook has synced with the new account and removed all my mail from Outlook, so my email account looks empty.

How can I get back my emails? Most were only stored on the local computer not on the IMAP account which only had about 5gb.

I realise that time is of the essence so any quick help would be really, really, really appreciated.



Diane Poremsky

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Ouch. Is the mail still on the old server? When you switched servers, outlook synced - since the new server is empty, it emptied the data file. You'll either need to connect to the old server and download everything or restore from a backup, if you have one.

Assuming you can still get into the old server-

Connect to the old server, then export to a pst (this ensures you have full messages, not just headers) then import into the new imap folders. You could just drag from one set of folders to the other but if you have a lot of mail it will be a slow process.

Many sites have a generic domain ( etc) for accessing the server before DNS is working, so you shouldn't need to change DNS back to the old server.
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