Automatically highlight unread mail in Favorites inbox(s) (Blue number)

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Hi Everyone

Am in London. Great day. Tennis on if you like that. hope its great where ever you are.

I have 4 email addresses in Outlook. All are Gmail. All have inboxes in my favorites. When I open outlook I need to click on each to make it check to see if there are any unread emails in any of the boxes.

I would like to have this automatic so I can see the little blue numbers in brackets if I have mail.

Are there settings to achieve this or is there a macro some wizard has created?

Looking forward to hearing from someone.

All the best


Diane Poremsky

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Outlook 2016 32 bit
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See if this helps -

Press Ctrl+Alt+S - is the option configured to check mail on a schedule? Next, create 4 new groups at the top of the dialog - one for each account - click edit and keep only one account per group.

Select each group and set a different schedule time. Use different odd number times for each. I'd use 7,9,11,13 min, with the most important account at 7 min. (Remove the all accounts group if you only have the 4 gmail accounts)
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