Outlook 2007 Calendar - Time spinner does not function correctly


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When I open up a new calendar entry window I have problems in that the time 'spinner' does not 'spin' but has grey boxes where the spinner control should be for the date and time. When I click on the grey box I only get seven entries for either the up or down command for the time. The date is working correctly. I can only get further down the time of day by selecting one of the displayed times and then once this time is displayed in the box I can click on it and get the next seven time slots and so on until I get to the one I require. ( This is the same for both boxes. I cannot find anyone referring to this as them having a similar problem. I have full updates on the Office 2007 system and even with a full reinstall/repair I still seem to have the same problem. Anyone got any suggestions as this is really frustrating!!

Diane Poremsky

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So the scroll bar is not showing? You can type times in the field in 230 format - if the time is outside your working hours, add an a or p - 1015p.

Is this the only dialog that is has problems? In older versions there were problems with antivirus interfering with controls.

Does it work if you use Safe mode?