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Is it possible to start a NEW/FRESH PST file in Outlook 2013 and keep all your contacts, rules, and RSS feeds, if so, how can this be done? Second scenario, I backed up all my Contacts to .vcf cards, all my mail rules to a .rwz file, and my RSS feeds to an .OPML file. Now can I start a NEW PST file with these files? Also, regarding the .rwz file: Do I have to create all the folders that are in the .rwz file, or will Outlook automatically make those folders? I know the answer (I have to create all the folders), but I was hoping that you might have an alternative method. Now, if I create a NEW PST file in the second scenario, will I be able to use the ORIGINAL PST file (the 34.6Gb PST file) as a "archive" file? What I mean is that I would create a NEW PST file every year instead of using the same PST file and watch it grow into a 50GB file.
I've been using Outlook since Windows 98, and I should have planned it back then, but I never would have even dreamed that I would end up with a monster! But then again, I was on the internet since 1991 when I was receiving UseNet Newsgroups from Rutgers in Northern New Jersey. I was running a BBS (Bulletin Board System) at that time using a program call DLG BB/OS for the Commodore Amiga.
Technically, my first on line experience was when I purchased my first computer (Commodore 64/128) in 1983, I used a system called Quantum Link with a 1200 Baud modem and using 5 1/4" & 3 1/2" disks. I believe that is around the time AOL started as well. Those were the good days. Back then 64 bytes in a computer could do allot! Now we need at least 8/16Gb of memory and at least 1Tb HDD. :)

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