I can’t access my archive.pst Files


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Outlook 2010 32 bit
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I cant access my archive.pst Files

2013 Office Professional was purchased 02/2013, but out of the blue the ribbon bar became double in size. I uninstalled 2013 Office Professional & when I tried to reinstalled 2013 Office Professional it working work. I contacted Microsoft Answer Desk (I have Cerebral Palsy & CANNOT talk & the telephone nor do I have anybody around to assist me). The first tech from Microsoft Answer Desk claimed that my 2013 Office Professional Product key was invalid. This Tech from Microsoft Answer Desk gave me & remotely installed another version 2013 Office Professional with a new Product Key but I had the same issue with 2013 Office Professional. The next day I contacted Microsoft Answer Desk again & spoke with a second Tech. The second Tech checked my original 2013 Office Professional Product Key & said that it was valid. The second Tech from Microsoft Answer Desk remotely uninstalled my 2013 Office Professional & reinstalled 2013 Office Professional with the original Product Key. Everything is back to normal expect in my Outlook I can’t access my archive.pst Files without a password & I do not have the password. In Outlook, I have many “Notes” which are vitally important! When I go back to Microsoft Answer Desk & try to explain, they say they can’t help me because of security issues or something. Might anyone have any suggestions?