Share mailbox issue

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Outlook version
Outlook 2010 64 bit
Email Account
Exchange Server
We have a shared mailbox for our dept which receives a lot of volume (12 GB w/attachments per month). A program runs which saves the attachments, adds a tracking number, and move email into an Outlook subfolder. We are having some problems with a specific sender's emails. Program cannot move email to subfolder as it is "stuck" in the main Outlook folder.

When someone tries to manually move the email out there is this error message "Cannot move items. The items cannot be moved. It was either already moved or deleted, or access denied."

Even using OWA to move emails we get similar error message.

But one of our staff using Cached Exchange Mode can move the emails into the correct subfolder.

Any idea on why Cached Exchange Mode would enable emails to be moved but not regular mode?

We have cleaned up mailbox so that should not be an issue. Plus there are literally dozens of other emails still able to be moved into the same subfolder.

I'm not an IT guy but was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

Thank you
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