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I need help with figuring out why my outlook 2007 is auto-completing the 'To field' with an email address that I have never used before. My outlook account is set in an offline mode (not to receive or send emails) and is not accessible by any other person except me at home -- it is not in a public location. However, I recently discovered when trying to use it again after 8 months of not having used it at all that it appears somebody with the email account may have sent/received emails from it. This is particularly disturbing because I also noticed in June/July that somebody with similiar email address had appeared to have hacked into my ipad to send emails through my aol account to email address:

How do I figure out when/how often the person has accessed my outlook 2007 application, what emails were sent and to whom, whether my outlook 2007 has been hacked online while it was set in an offline only status and with only POP3 access. I am also wonder why & would be bold/smart enough to have accessed/hacked into my outlook 2007 and hacked into my ipad/aol account and yet dumb enough to leave a trail ( email sent through my aol/ipad account and the email address auto completing in the 'To Field' outlook 2007 application.

I need to make some clarification to previous post.

I should have said Ipod not Ipad. My aol account is only used on my Ipod, not used on my desktop computer that has the outlook 2007 installed. The outlook 2007 application is in a room that only I have access to, absolutely nobody else would have had access to my desktop with my permission. I personally do not believe/know how my Ipod would have been hacked over my wifi connection to physically have email sent to email address through my aol account, but I have little option but to assume that was the case since the email sent was signed 'sent from ipod' as all my other emails from my ipod had been signed. outlook 2007 is set in offline mode, would only allow the receiving/sending of email manually, does not automatically send/receive email. Only my yahoo account is setup in outlook 2007. When I discovered the auto-completing of email address in outlook 2007, I had not performed a receive/send in 8 months, nor have I ever personally corresponded with in any way.

I find it very very odd that I was able to find proof of my aol/ipod and outlook 2007 being breach. It leave me with the impression that the hack was meant to be discovered. It was too good a breach for the hacker to then be too stupid to not know how to cover their tracks.


Diane Poremsky

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I don't think your ipod was hacked. Someone hacked your AOL account and sent mail then your ipod downloaded it when it synced.

Immediately change your AOL password - do this anytime you even suspect your account may be compromised.