Syncing Outlook 2010 between two computers


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I run Outlook 2010 and Windows 7 on a desktop and laptop. I am looking for the most simple, reliable way to sync Contacts, Notes, Categories, Tasks, Calendars, and Email. I have three email accounts: 1) Gmail IMAP; 2) Business account going through the company server IMAP; Business account via GoDaddy POP.

I primarily work from home on my desktop but when traveling with my laptop need access to my Outlook information.

I have looked at SynchPst and Sync2 but really can't get a feel for which would work better. Anyone have experience with them? What about other programs?

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Diane Poremsky

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It's been awhile since i tested either one. Doesn't sync2 have a trial? Other options are available at synchronizing-outlook-on-two-machines - codetwo products are good and they should have trials available.

Because you use imap, you don't need to sync email, just the other folders. You can leave mail on the POP3 server and download it by each - its not the best solution, but it works.