looking to bring in all my folders from Outlook Express (XP) to Outlook 2013


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To any, I just graduated from an XP machine to a Win7 workstation with Outlook 2013 (32bit). I know there is something with copying the .dbx files and putting them into a special location, but that was with Windows Live Mail. I never really got that far when I decided to go straight to Outlook (cause I had it for free). So, if anyone could point out how to make that happen, I would appreciate it. It seems Windows Live Mail is all set up to grab those .dbx files, but when I try to Import in Outlook, there is no "Import from Outlook Express" option, and the only other option that seems viable is looking for .pst files. Thanks, Jim L


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Re: looking to bring in all my folders from Outlook Express (XP) to Outlook 20

On the old computer (with Outlook Express) install Outlook 2003. Let it create a new .PST file in "Microsoft Office Outlook 2003-2007 Personal Folders - UniCode Format" format (if asked to choose).

Inside Outlook 2003, import Outlook Express (contacts and emails) which it should detect and be able "to see" on this machine.

You can even setup Accounts and use-it/test-it if you want. Close Outlook and backup that PST file to safe location.

Install Outlook 2003 (or whole Office 2003 suite) on new computer. Patch to SP3. You might have to un-install from old PC or call Microsoft before it will Activate with CoA.

Restore PST to new computer and setup as default file. I suggest a common place like "\My Documents\Outlook_Data\". Setup email accounts and test. I suggest option "Leave on Server for 14 days" if you have other devices like smart-phone.

If you only want to move Contacts from old OutlookExpress ... you can just install Outlook 2003 on new machine (and create a fresh PST file). Export Contacts (likely in .WAB or .CSV file format) from old OE and Import into Outlook2003 on new machine.

Accounts can't be exported from/to Outlook2003 so don't even try. Just write down settings and be ready to re-create the accounts as needed.