Question re: Grouping by Due Date vs. Sorting by Due Date

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Hello, I'm a first time poster so apologies in advance if this question has been asked/answered (I did a search and did not see it mentioned).

On my To-Do List, I typically sort my tasks by due date. This results in tasks being sorted as follows:

Flag: Due Date: Today (which is one grayed header)

Flag: Due Date: Tomorrow (another grayed header)

Flag: Due Date: This week (another grayed header ... you get the point)

I like the sorting by Today, Tomorrow, This Week (as opposed to "grouped by the calendar date, which it does if I go into the "Group By" setting and select "due date")

Here's my question:

I like the headings being broken out by Today, Tomorrow, and This Week (as opposed to being broken out by calendar date), but I also want to sort the items (within each heading) by priority. So, for example, under "Today" all the the high priority would appear together at the top. Is this possible to have headings showing the due dates as Today, Tomorrow, This Week, etc., while also having a second level of sorting? Or am I stuck with the calendar dates as headings?

Thank you very much for any advice.

Diane Poremsky

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My first thought is no, it's not possible, but I'm not totally sure I have the right view down (my try failed)... so my recommendation is to try holding shift when you sort and see if it creates the view you want. Shift allows you to click on a second column so you can sort by two columns (can repeat for a 3rd too).
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