"database is not compatible with BCM for Outlook 2013" & more


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I seem to be having multiple issues with BCM for Outlook 2013 and am hopeful that someone else has been successful in getting this thing to run consistently. (And, btw, my enter key doesn't seem to work in this forum. Everywhere else though! So please forgive this messy message) ....
I'm running Outlook 2013 32 bit on Windows 8-64 bit
1 - After several tries, installing, then uninstalling, running a complete uninstall using REVO and Agent Ransack, it appears that I finally have an almost running copy of BCM. However, it appears that intermittently the Add-in for BCM does not load. When that happens "sometimes" I can re-enable the Add-in, close Outlook and then restart. Then BCM will be back. Othertimes, however, BCM just refuses to load and I get an error when starting that says "cannot complete the selected action because an unknown external error occurred." Then I have to uninstall and reinstall again. Is there any known cure for this, or is this a typical BCM for 2013 issue and I should give up?
2 - Could issue #1 be related to an old 2008 SQL Server version that is installed when BCM is installed?
3 - When starting BCM, I told it that I would create a new database. So when BCM "does" decide to start up with Outlook, the database is empty. But there's an error message at the top of each screen that says "This database is not compatible with Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2010." BCM is not installed with any other outlook version, although I do also have Outlook 2010 installed on this system. Is there a fix for this message?
Thanks so much for your help. Again, sorry for the funky display here. What's with this no enter key stuff on this forum?