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I have recently installed the BCM add in into Outlook 2013 (Win 7 PC), and having watched a view videos online I am trying to plan the best way to organise my contacts and accounts. Before starting (and getting it wrong), I thought I would ask the experts (you!) for your advice.

The businesses I deal with can range from a small business with 1 or more contacts sharing the same address etc to national companies which have several branches nationwide all with numerous contacts passing work my way. In an ideal world, I would like to be able to have a head office record showing just the basic information (Co Name, address, web, contact numbers, account number), a branch office record which I can link with the head office record (giving slightly more detail) and the contact record which I can link with the branch office.

In the long run I would like to record financial information in BCM but be able to drill into those finances so that I can easily see how much a company as a whole has spent with me or narrow it down by branch or even an individual's spend. Before I get to that stage though, I guess need to ensure that my Account and Contact records are set up correctly initially?

Can anyone offer any advice on how to achieve this? Do I need to create 2 different account records and 1 business contact record? Or perhaps I am asking too of BCM or indeed, have completely misunderstood the video tutorials and I am over complicating it.

Any help you can give, is appreciated - I hope that the above makes sense!

Many thanks


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Outlook version
Outlook 2013 32 bit
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In BCM you have two base contact types:

1. business contacts

2. account contacts

You can add a new contact type (administration rights required) and have to define it on one of the two base types.

For example an already defined "children" of the busines contact base type is "lead".

For every user defined contact type you can specify different fields in the form layout.

We have defined vendors and customers and customized the forms/ fields to our needs.

hope this could help